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Sportz Guru visited one of the oldest football clubs in The Netherlands and we were greatly supervised by one of their very friendly employees, Thierry Wolterbeek. Do you fancy sitting in a Castle Lodge, this is the place to be. A really fun & intimate Business Hospitality Package at the Castle of Sparta Rotterdam. There is something interesting for everybody: games for children, an intimate business club area for a nice drink and chat and very enthusiastic fans. Sparta Review Sport Hospitality Ticket.


Atmosphere & Entertainment
Food & Beverage
Seating & Facilities

Overall: 8,3
Atmosphere & Entertainment: 8,5
F&B: 8,0
Seating & Facilities: 8,5
Price: 8,0


Sport: Football
League: Dutch Premier League


Country: The Netherlands
County: Zuid-Holland
City: Rotterdam


Sparta Stadion Het Kasteel is located in the neighborhood of Spangen, where it was built in 1916 as Stadion Spangen based on a plan of the architects J.H. de Roos and W.F. Overeynder. The name “Het Kasteel” (The Castle) is derived from the small building with two small towers which backs onto the south-facing tribune (Kasteel Stand) of the stadium, which looks similar to a castle. This building is the only authentical remain of the original design. It was built in 1916. The castle building, which is currently located along the length of the pitch, was originally positioned behind one of the goals. Through the years, the stands of “Stadion Sparta” were often renovated and extended, but the most radical renovation took place in 1998 and 1999: the stadium was completely rebuilt according to a plan of the architects Zwarts & Jansma. During the renovation, the pitch was turned 90 degrees. At the same time, it was renamed ENECO-stadion, after its main sponsor. That name was soon replaced by the present Het Kasteel (“The Castle”), which had already been the popular nickname for the stadium ever since it was built.

Review Hospitality Package & Sport Ticket

Hospitality Package

  • Name package: Kasteel Tribune / Castle Lodge
  • Admission to Brasserie Kasteel Spangen and Sponsorlounge (pre- and post match)
  • 3-course a la carte lunch or dinner including wines
  • Executive seating on the Castle Stand
  • Half-time and full-time refreshments
  • Inclusive of wines, beers, soft drinks and coffee/tea
  • Watch Man of the Match presentation in Sponsorlounge
  • Dedicated waiting staff and hostesses
  • One allocated parking place per 2 tickets
  • Hospitality Entrance

    With respect to hospitality packages one can choose from two sides. One is the Tonny van Ede stand (north). It houses the changing rooms as well as the corporate boxes, the ticket office and the boardroom. The players’ tunnel runs from the centre of this stand onto the pitch between the two dugouts. The other is the Kasteel Stand (attached to the historic Kasteel building, the Kasteel Stand is on the south end of the ground and the club shop is based here as well as the Sparta Museum and Brasserie Kasteel Spangen.

    Entrance for all ticket holders in the possession of a hospitality ticket / package is done via the main reception entrance located in the Tonny van Ede stand. Right in front of this entrance is where the ticket booth is, where the allocated hospitality tickets can be collected.


    Included in the package is unlimited wines (red and white), beers, soft drinks and coffee/tea. A nice addition is that there is also opportunity to get drinks during the match when located at the Kasteel Stand.

    As mentioned before, we had lunch at the Sponsorlounge. Quite frankly Sportz Guru has never experienced a lunch that was so abundant as the one we had here. As a starter we were presented with plates of meat, fish, salads, eggs, sandwiches, fruits and a lot more. We had invited a guest and she was also stunned by this abundance of food. As a main course we were surprised with asparagus and salmon. As one could imagine, the dessert, a lovely cake with fruits and sweets, we couldn’t finish before kick-off and therefore we decided to have that afterwards.

    During half-time, sandwiches with sausages and beef were provided. Full-time refreshments included a variety of fried snacks.

    Business lounge

    Our tickets included access to both Brasserie Kasteel Spangen where normally lunch/dinner would be served and the Sponsorlounge. As we visited Sparta in the Easter weekend we were informed that the Brasserie was not open due to a low number of lunch reservations. Therefore the lunch was reallocated to the Sponsorlounge. As a consequence we have not been able to review the Brasserie. The Sponsorlounge is a big yet slightly unattractive area located in the Tonny van Ede stand. Here is where the MoM presentation takes place. You will see lots of local business men with their guests.


    The seating in the Kasteel Stand is something you should experience. Probably the only stadium in the world that has a stand that actually looks like a castle. Here you are seated in your own skybox like surroundings, as if you were king and queens looking towards the spectacle before you! It comes with an own bar from which everything is included in the package. The seating itself, located on the halfway-line, is also something quite extraordinary. The wooden seats are quite big with red leather furnishing. The only thing is that there is little leg room, but that is soon forgotten when taken into account the superb location of the Kasteel Stand. Upon request the heathers were also turned on, adding even more to an already superb atmosphere. Sparta Review Sport Hospitality Ticket.

    Good to know

    Go for the Kasteel Stand/ Castle Lodge. You won’t be disappointed!

    Hotels & tickets

    The following hotels are nearest to the stadium:
    1. Van der Valk Hotel Rotterdam/Blijdorp
    2. Hotel Van Walsum Rotterdam
    3. The Manhattan Hotel Rotterdam

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