We really love sports matches whilst enjoying good food, drinks and entertainment and travel the world to find the gems of sports hospitality packages for sports fanatics and businesses who are seeking the best sports hospitality packages. Our sports hospitality reviews look at the entire experience from booking, welcoming, atmosphere, food, drinks, service, entertainment and of course the match itself and venue.

which sports are reviewed

We try to visit as many sports games, matches and competitions as we can. In terms of countries we have visited The Netherlands, Scotland, England, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Japan and Florida (the United States of America). We do visit every sports game or match available, but focus the most on the following sports.

Football / Soccer
Ice Hockey


We are some enthusiastic sports and hospitality fanatics. We are excited to see you here. Let us introduce ourselves.

  • Eelco Ouwerkerk
    Eelco OuwerkerkFounder

    Eelco has been involved in sports all his life. He and his three brothers played soccer their entire youth and started visiting soccer, rugby and baseball matches with his family all over the world at an early age.

  • Angelique Schouten
    Angelique SchoutenFounder

    Angelique enjoys watching sports, loves kickboxing, high intensity training, yoga, golf and is picking up sailing as well. She particularly is interested in the atmosphere, food & beverage service and overall hospitality approach of sports clubs. Her bucket list activity is to go on a skiing/camping expedition on Antartica.

  • Victor van Osta
    Victor van OstaSportz.guru Reviewer

    Victor is a sports fanatic and has more than 20 sports channels at home. He makes sure he is informed and watches over 20 hours of sports every week. Tuesday is his golf day and at 78 years old, he still walks his 18 holes every week.


Who is Sportz.guru?

Sportz.guru is an independent sports hospitality review website founded by 2 Dutch sport addicts, Angelique Schouten and Eelco Ouwerkerk. Both enjoying sports and sport events in every way, accompanied by that special hospitality touch.

Why did you start Sportz.guru?

After coming back from being entertained at sports hospitality packages, people have asked us continuously how to find, book and evaluate the hospitality packages. We decided to give that a go ahead by setting up this website.

Is Sportz.guru independent?

We are not being paid in any way for the reviews we write and we haven’t been asked to write our reviews based on instructions provided by or made by third parties. All views and words are our own and have not been influenced by anyone else.

Who writes the reviews?

The reviews are written by the 2 founders of Sportz.Guru, whom have experienced every hospitality package themselves at the time of writing.

Can I write reviews?

At the moment we stick to our qualified Sportz.guru team who write the reviews. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in this respect, we will have a nice chat then.

Which sports matches / games / races are reviewed?

Whatever we like when there is a sports hospitality package offered! Some matches/games are easier to book but we have no special preference for a certain sport or country.

Which countries does the team of Sportz.guru visit?

Wherever we are around! USA, Germany, UK, The Netherlands, Scotland, we are there!

What is a sports hospitality package?

A sports hospitality package is the sports game or sports match ticket with that extra flavor: executive seating, lounge areas, nice food and drinks and entertainment. It is a package that gives a match or game that extra touch, making it an experience!

Are all sports hospitality packages the same?

As you can see from our website, they are definitely not the same.  Are food and drinks in- or excluded, does it come with a stadium tour, is the seating padded or not, is there a lounge or not, does it have a dinner, a buffet or some snacks, is there a man of the match presentation, does it come and go with or without entertainment? All the differences make each sports hospitality package a one of a kind experience!

What does a sports hospitality package cost?

What do you want to spend? You can make it as ”cheap” or expensive as you want, depending on the package details. We at Sportz.guru don’t aim for specific packages, we just try to give you a diverse and broad range of packages offered.

Where can I book a sports hospitality package?

There is a wide range of possibilities when booking a sports hospitality package. We always book directly via the clubs or venues offering the hospitality packages.