Yokohama BayStars Review Sport Hospitality Ticket

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Japan baseball it is. We went to this club that is located just outside Tokyo and our expectations were high, being it the first Japanese baseball match we ever visited. Yokohama BayStars Review Sport Hospitality Ticket.


Atmosphere & Entertainment
Food & Beverage
Seating & Facilities

Overall: 7,0
Atmosphere & Entertainment: 7,0
Food & Beverage: 7,0
Seating & Facilities: 7,0
Price: 7,0


Sport: Baseball
League: Central Division


Country: Japan
State: Kanagawa
City: Yokohama


Built in 1978 as the first multi-purpose circular stadium that holds 30,000 spectators. Multi-purpose stadiums are rare even throughout the world. It is the home ground of the baseball team Yokohama Bay Stars, and is also used for American football games and live events. Portrait engravings of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig are respectively placed by the left and right stand poles in commemoration that great major league baseball players such as Ruth and Gehrig played here.

It is primarily used for baseball and is the home field of the Yokohama DeNA BayStars. The stadium is unique, because it features dirt around the bases and pitcher’s mound, but with dirt colored turf infield and base paths. The entire green portion of the field is now turf. The stadium is one of only three venues in Japan, with an American look (an all-grass outfield and infield, with dirt base paths), the others are Kobe Sports Park Baseball Stadium in Kobe and Mazda Stadium in Hiroshima.

Review Hospitality Package & Sport Ticket

Hospitality Package

Main Stand Business Seats

Seats in a separate area near first base

Hospitality Entrance

Sportz Guru made a bold move to just go to the stadium on match day and ask for hospitality tickets. We were confronted with no one speaking English so just bought the best tickets in the house that were still available. There is no real hospitality entrance here or at least we were not able to find it.


Sushi, beer, fries and chicken. Here you have your all day Japanese baseball food. In all the Japanese baseball stadiums we have been, we have not been able to spot wine. It is beer, beer and beer.

Business lounge

Don’t expect a fancy business lounge as there is none available.


Great padded seats as close to the first base as was still possible (the best tickets were already sold out). The space between the seats quite small but still some good pitch views.

Good to know

Go well prepared to this stadium and club as the level of English that is spoken, is quite poor. It is a great day trip from Tokyo and is easily accessible.

Hotels & tickets

The following hotels are nearest to the stadium:
1. Hotel Yokohama Garden
2. Daiwa Roynet Hotel Yokohama-Koen
3. Super Hotel Yokohama Kannai

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